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Lake District Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Lake District Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Yorkshire Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Yorkshire Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Yorkshire Landscapes: Uprights Prints portfolio
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Scotland Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Scotland Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Northumberland Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Northumberland Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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General Landscape: Square Prints portfolio
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General Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Cotswolds Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Cotswolds Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Welsh Landscapes: Square Prints portfolio
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Welsh Landscapes: Rectangle Prints portfolio
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Ceramic Coasters portfolio Many of our customers will be happy to see the return of our high quality unique ceramic coasters. They measure 9cm across and any of our square prints can be individually transferred onto the coaster. To order just go through the gallery and select any square print you want then select 'ceramic coaster'
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Porcelain Mugs portfolio Our porcelain mugs are a little lighter than our standard mugs. They are taller to and hold 12oz. Any of Colin's images can be wrapped round the mug. All our mugs are dishwasher friendly
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10oz Ceramic Mug portfolio Our ceramic mugs are very popular and can hold 10oz of your favourite hot drink. All our mugs are dishwasher safe. The rectangle prints are individually pressed onto the mugs for a wrap round effect. The square prints can also be pressed on as a print either side of the mug with a grey band down the middle with the title written on.
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Walnut Finish Moulding portfolio Our squares and small rectangles are available framed in our walnut effect moulding. All our frames are made by us to order.
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New distressed moulding for rectangle frames portfolio We now supply our squares and large rectangle frames in a light white washed distressed moulding